Tue thru Thurs FINALS week

Finals schedule:  **if you have taken your final and are eager to know what you got I can email your score after about 2-3 hours.  I should have them graded by then**

Tues:  Periods 1 & 2

Weds:  Periods 3 & 4

Thurs:  Periods 5 & 6

Mon May 20th

**No add’l homework tonight.  The kiddos should have all the material they need to study and practice problems for the final.**  Please email with any questions and please don’t stress.  I do not format  the final to be a super difficult test.  It is basically a compilation of the most common themed info from each chapter.  If they know the bulk of primary vocabulary and concepts they should do fine.  Congrats on the end of 2019!!

FINALS schedule

Tues:  1st & 2nd period

Weds: 3rd & 4th period

Thurs: 5th &6th period

Fri May 17th

Per 1/4:  Review questions for Chp 9 & 10.  Students should concentrate on area & volume formulas for Sphere, Trapezoid and Triangular prism.  The review sheet is copyrighted so I can email only.  Please feel free to contact as I have these in soft copy.

Per 2/6: Mini final test for prep and practice. mini practice final