Fri 30th

6th& 8th–we had a half day and not enough time for a full lesson.  We will do an assignment with the extra time on Monday.  NO HWK this weekend.

Tues 27th

6th–we are changing text books. Tonight’s HWK is out of the pre-algebra book, chapter 7 pg 243 WE’s # 1-33 odds.  **We will be using calculators for all of chapter 7!!

8th–  we have a test tomorrow…the kids should know about it.  Study guide is posted alst week Thur.     Tonight—worksheet p. 42 # 1-10, 12 (not 11 or review ex)  8th-3-5b-wksht

Sept 23rd

Due to the tribes spirit event all classes made a geometric mathematical paper project called a tri-hexa-flexa-gon in class.  Ask to see it🙂

6th–no homework—Study for TEST this coming MONDAY.  Study Guide below on Thursday.  answer key = chp-3-stdy-guide-answers

8th–no homework, study for test coming next Weds.  Study guide posted under Wednesday