Welcome students and parents to Mr. McKernon’s blog site covering:

  • homework
  • test dates
  • quiz dates
  • & updates

I will update the blog daily, especially during the sick season as I know kids, and especially parents, enjoy quick access to their assignments when they are out sick.

I will post all 6th grade math assignments on each post.  They should be incredibly easy to understand.  PLEASE BE ADVISED…the homework is POSTED IN THE CLASSROOM everyday day and SHOULD BE the 1st place you look.  Students–DO NOT use this blog as a personal lazy way of getting the homework because you did not write it in your planner.  Sick students have an excuse.  If you were in school, you do not!  🙂

***INFO given in class will always supersede the blog in the case of human error on my part.

**Please understand, I am human and there may be days I forget to record the homework, or even record the wrong homework, although I do not anticipate this happening more than 1.614 times.  :)-     STUDENTS, as much as you can, reach out to your class mates and ask them.

If the homework is a worksheet it will be listed as a blue hyperlink.  Click on it to download.  If your device can not read Word docs or PDF files you will have trouble viewing and printing them.  If you cannot print the assignment email me and I will leave one at the front desk or try and fax it.

When a test or quiz is coming up I will post it at least 2-5 days in advance in BOTH the classroom and the blog.  However, the class info always supersedes the blog info.

**The calendar is not a future reference calendar (it didn’t come that way and you have to pay extra for that feature–sorry) .  For example, you cannot jump 2 weeks ahead and expect to find the homework for that future day.   Once in a while kids might be out of town for a week or two  at a time (or very ill) and I will make a separate assignment for you according to your situation.

As always, technology is grand, but direct communication is even grander!  🙂  Please [ PARENTS ONLY ] email me with personal questions not obviously addressed on this blog.  I am very good about replying within the day I receive it (minus Saturdays).  Students can ask questions at school or have there parents email me.  I WILL NOT REPLY TO STUDENT emails.

Lastly, PARENTS–please feel free to visit or set a time if you would like to speak in person.  Sometimes it is much nicer to chat live than exchange emails 🙂

Blessings!  Enjoy 2018-19

Mr McKernon 111  (first floor by library)

email:  jmckernon@scottsdaleprep.org