Tues Feb 20th

Per 2/4: Class exercises pg 402 #1-8 all & problems 1-9 all.

Per 5/6: The kids took the yearly MAP testing today.  Tonight is simply a small review worksheet: update….worksheet canceled…MAP testing took to long


Fri Feb 16th

Per 2/4: Copy the relevant info from lesson 11-2 (vocab, instructions, formulas, examples) into your Chp 11 note booklet.  Kids did this in class

per 5/6: took a test today.  NO add’l homework.

Tues Feb 13th

All classes went on a  field trip today. Which caused a bit of a hiccup in normal homework assigning.

Per 2/4: finish the adventure packet given Friday.

Per 5/6: Study for TEST Friday; Work done in class is sufficient, no add’l homework.

Mon Feb 12th

Per 2/4:  Finish adventure packet given Friday.

Per 5/6: Study for the chapter 8 test this Friday.  Study guide here: study guide 5 & 6 chp 8 test:  NOTE:  ignore #2 on the first page.  I forgot to add points before copying the study guide.  I will tell the kids what to do in class.