**Mon  / Weds / Fri:  6th  grade Lyceum room 111 (from 12:35 to 1:00)**

Alsoalways by appointmentplease make an appointment or come by the teacher’s lounge if you need some quick pointers.   🙂

NO Weds after school help : STAFF MEETING “unavailable” except for quick questions.

 **** Besides the above set times, I am always happy to help a student who comes by the teacher’s lounge and asks for help with a problem.  There are 3 white boards on the outside hallways for that very purpose.  Please have your student stop by and utilize this feature!!  Math, ideally, is a collaborative course and the kids should bounce ideas off each other as much as possible.    Its not uncommon for 2-3 students to come to me and say, “Hey, we have all tried this like 3 different ways and we cant figure it out”  That is absolutely wonderful because when I show them the concept they almost always say, “Oooh, now I get it” because they have become so familiar with problem.


**** Study hall time  is not to be considered as personal tutoring time.   Sometimes there are upwards of 10 students in the classroom.  It’s just impossible to  give individualized help at that capacity.

The best use of this time is to come with “specific” problems or questions to be worked on.  Also, bring a friend to work together as a collaborative effort on the white board using Expo markers.  This is very helpful and rewarding college preparatory style practice.  Plus the kids love using the whiteboard.