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——————-6th  Standard  ——————————–

Standard 2018-2019 Syllabus

——————-6th  Accelerated ——————————–

Accelerated 2018-2019 Syllabus

——————-ALL 6th  Homework Expectations ——————————–

Homework Expectations and Rules 2018-2019 GUIDELINES

Homework Tips

1) Always start by filling out your homework paper as instructed at the beginning of the school year (even if you don’t know how to solve the problem).  This guarantees you 30% of your homework score.  Structure and order are important.

2)Attempt each problem in some way.   At the least, copy the problem from the book onto your paper.  Don’t simply write a large question mark on your homework.  That is not going to accumulate you any credit.  Make some effort to arrange the information and numbers into some form of a problem that reflects you tried.  Even a sentence or two in English (rather than mathematical symbols) stating what you think should be done is better than a question mark.

3) Remember we will go over the problems in class.  YOU MUST take notes and ask questions at this point.  Staying quiet when you know you don’t know what to do is illogical.

4) Lastly as a reminder, please do not stress out!  If you have attempted a problem and have not made any progress after 5-7 minutes, go to the next one.  It is OK!!