Friday 1/2 day..Fall Break!!!

Hello…enjoy the next 9 days off.

Some notes about math:

**6th—I will have final grades ready by Sunday.  If you would like to know your students overall score I will email it to you if your student is dying to know 🙂   It won’t have any notes, just the score.  I am writing the evaluations this next week.

**8th--the kids just took a test but I was not able to grade all of them by Friday.  I will have them done tonight.  If your student wants to know their test score AND final grade, please email me and I will let you know.

PS: remind your students to hit the “save” button before shutting off for the break.  We don’t want them to forget all that they have so diligently learned 🙂

Blessings all-

See you in 2nd qtr!