May 20th to 23rd. FINALS WEEK

Hello all,

Congratulations on finishing.  Finals Schedule below:

6C-Tuesday at 815am

6A Weds 10:30am

7E, D- Thurs 8-12pm

Friday, yearbooks,  award ceremony, goodbyes 11:30am.


***IF you are anxious about your final test score– I will have them graded exactly one day after they are taken.  Please email me and I will email your student’s final test score to you.  Parents only please!! I will not reply to students.



May16th Friday

6th–complete chp 11 review sheet from packet (refer to Tuesday)

7th- complete Exeter portion of final review.  Handed out 3 days ago to class. Answers are at the bottom of page.

Thur 15th

6th–do CHP 10 review test from final review packet. (refer to Tuesday packet)

7th–do chp 6 review #1-11, 14, 17 (refer to tuesday packet)

Weds 14th

6th–Do chp 9 review worksheet from the final review packet (refer to yesterdays post if packet needed )

7th–finish chp 5 from final review packet and start chp 6 #1-7